Founded by Entrepreneurs and Professionals, 3dynamicly is a trusted partner for Product Development. We specialize in Computer Aided Designing (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), White Light Scanning and 3D Printing. We collaborate with and assist our clients in optimizing two key ingredients of Product Development: Time and Resources.


  • Trust: Although transparent, there are high entry barriers for a company to get into the product development cycle of a client. The only way the client is willing to take the leap of faith is if there is mutual trust and confidence in the vendor to deliver as to customers delight. Well, at 3dynamicly we boast of both. Not only do we ensure client privacy, we maintain high level of expectations from our clients.
  • Peoplesophy: Our team is our key strength and the reason behind our success. People working at 3dynamicly are groomed continuously not only on what is expected today but also on what might be expected tomorrow. We not only support our team by providing best available resources required for work, we also reach out to them by providing training on softer issues which are required for personal development. We have with a well balance of youth with experience, professional acumen with entrepreneurial motivation. All our team members work closely with our clients expectations and work towards one goal: Achieving customers delight.
  • Customer Delight: We work very closely with our customer. We understand the expectations of our customer and simplify them. We break our deliverables into small milestones and share them with our customers. We ensure that the milestones are achieved timely and clients expectations are met. We measure our deliverables not only in tangible forms but also in intangible forms. Our close proximity with the client and continuous flow of information ensures that we not only win the trust but are a preferred vendor over our piers.
  • Flexibility: We are a very flexible company .We give our clients the option of prototyping a single piece or manufacture a small batch of prototypes. We translate our experience in working with Fortune 1000 companies to meet the expectations of each and every client. Our clients actually realize and appreciate this.

We are a good blend of people with processes !

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